Best Practice Pearls Session


The Scientific Committee of the Abu Dhabi Pharmacy Conference (ADPHAC) are seeking members to submit proposals for 15 minute presentations on  best practice pearls you would like to showcase from your institution.

Submit through the website your 40 to 100 word proposal for consideration, including one learning objective and two audience participation questions.

The deadline for proposals is before/by March 31st, 2017.


We are seeking proposals to include interesting experiences on:

  • Building infrastructure for pharmacist accountabilities for medication therapy outcomes
  • Ancillary pharmacy services and new service lines e.g. ED pharmacy, bedside medication delivery
  • Technician advancement models/training for preceptorship/engagement in professional organizations
  • Use of technology in day-to-day patient care work (such as apps)
  • Staff engagement ideas
  • Cost containment or opportunities for revenue growth
  • Data analytics and performance improvements
  • Leadership development/succession planning
  • Strategies for managing drug shortages
  • Preceptor development strategies, layered learner model


As ASHP advances the recommendations from the Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) we will seek to select Pearls that demonstrate the application of the PAI Recommendations. Please include with your learning objectives the particular PAI Recommendation (s) your Pearl addresses. (To view the recommendations from the Summit: and


This year’s Best Practice Pearls session will be held on April 21st from 1400 to 1600. Thanks in advance for volunteering your valuable time to share your experiences with the 100’s of practitioners that attend ADPHAC! Individuals submitting proposals should confirm they will be attending the Abu Dhabi Pharmacy Conference with their proposal submission, as this is voluntary and no compensation is provided by the conference organizers.